Tower Oaks Partnership Opportunities
Tower Oaks offers surgeons a multidisciplinary environment with the highest quality of patient care. From scheduling the surgery with your office to managing the postoperative visit, we offer a seamless pathway to successful surgical procedures. Tower Oaks gives you the professional autonomy and control of your work quality and environment that hospitals simply cannot.

Our process improves patient outcomes by:

  • Reducing the waiting time from the diagnosis to the onset of recovery.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of safety during shorter periods from arrival to discharge.

But that’s not all. We help you increase your market share and profitability by providing the facility you need when you need it and speeding your patients’ progress toward recovery. We also position your practice at the superior end of a competitive market by affording you the latest and best surgical professionals, facilities, and equipment.

America’s aging population is driving a growing demand for surgical procedures and surgical subspecialists. In fact, a recent study forecast growth in the surgical field of 14 percent to 47 percent by 2020.* Tower Oaks is at the forefront of innovations to help surgeons meet this demand by increasing their efficiency and capacity to treat more patients—without sacrificing the quality of care.

*D.A. Etzioni, J.H. Liu, M.A. Maggard MA, and C.Y. Ko. “The aging population and its impact on the surgery workforce.” Ann Surg. 2003 Aug:238(2):170-7.

Here are just a few ways Tower Oaks will help you improve your practice:

  • Easy Scheduling: Tower Oaks offers a custom block schedule for booking surgeries at the best time for you.

  • Learning and Teaching: At Tower Oaks, you’ll discover an ideal classroom environment. With an open schedule, you can hold classes for residents, nurses, and doctors in our spacious operating room and routine procedure room—using state-of the-art equipment and the latest technology, including video equipment with two plasma screen TVs, laser and Zeiss microscope for viewing your surgeries. We also have on-site sterilization centers with two autoclaves to ensure your patients’ safety and protection.

  • Reducing Costs: Performing surgeries at a freestanding surgery center cuts costs for you and your patients. Studies show that surgeries at a dedicated surgery center can save patients as much as 20 percent off the costs in other settings.
  • For more information, contact:

    Marshall Besch, Chief Operation Officer
    Premier Health Management LLC
    Work: (301) 770-1711
    Fax: (301) 493-9429
    Cell: (301) 357-0178